Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Yaaaaaaay! To commemorate this special occasion, I am going to write about my dog, Beauty. Just kidding. Of course, I’m going to write about my dad.

With most of the books I read, the main characters don’t have parents, whether it be they’re dead, missing or neglectful. It’s not a coincidence. Not having parents is a common theme within the books that I read, leaving the main characters to fend for themselves. My main characters have to become strong because they can’t rely on their parents. Even if they aren’t directly there, parents have so much of an influence on who we are as people.

FOR EXAMPLE… Percy Jackson struggled both internally and externally because of his father. Abandoned by his dad as a baby, Percy and his mother were left in a sticky situation, having to keep Percy away from monsters who would love to kill him. Sally did an amazing job with what she had, but, unfortunately, that meant utilizing the man who Percy dubbed as “Smelly Gabe”. Smelly Gabe was an abusive stepfather, and Percy developed a deep hatred of bullies because of him. When Percy does come into contact with his actual father, he has trouble accepting him, angry that he had been abandoned for so long. Through Percy’s father’s direct and indirect interference, Percy grew as a character.

And that’s what a parent’s job is, to help their child grow up and become independent. I’m pretty lucky to have a dad that’s so involved in my life. He’s helped me become the girl I am today. I like to think that I take after my dad. We are both stubborn, calm people, and we generally like the same types of movies. Sadly, he does not enjoy reading, but I guess I’ll forgive him for that. Just cuz he’s my dad though.

Dad- You’re the best. I’m always proud to brag about you, telling people how my army-slash-chief-of-security-at-a-juvenile-prison dad has been to an exotic place, taught me how to put someone in a hold, etc. I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Love you this much! *pinches fingers together tightly* – ❤ Ariel

P.S. I hope you enjoy your gift. I came up with it. 😀

P.P.S. Yes, I know what speed bumps remind you of.


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