The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows

The Mirror King Review
I received an advanced copy of this book through a Goodreads contest and by courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers. Thanks a million!!!!
(Mwahahaha I felt so cool being able to tell my friends I was reading an advanced copy.)
Wow. I just finished this book and I’m still trying to deal with the feels. Bear with me as I try to not spoil everything that happens. (I promise you though, I won’t.)
Wilhelmina’s identity has been revealed. Prince Tobiah is dying. She has created a living boy out of the wraith. Patrick can not be found. Wraith is closing in on the Indigo Kingdom.
Wil is left in the middle of this mess to decide what to do, and her decisions will effect entire kingdoms and whether people live or die. Will Wil (hehe) crumble under the pressure? Or will she step up and become the Queen that the kingdoms need?
My Thoughts:
Dear sweet goodness. The feeeeeeeeels. Just… asdfghjkl. Give me a moment.
I don’t know why, but I really liked the fact that this series was a duology? There was a lot of story packed into these two books, and I feel that it worked out very nicely with detailed and in depth story telling, yet it wasn’t drawn out and over done.
The plot. Yoooooo man. The action really kept me engaged as Wil moved from one threat to the next, trying to juggle everything being thrown at her. As all heroes miraculously do, she handles it really well. If I had half as much pressure on me as Wil did, I think I’d go find myself a nice quiet corner to curl up in and cry for a while. There were multiple obstacles that Wil had to overcome as the wraith descended on the kingdoms and she tried to gain control of her own kingdom again. 
The twists. Bleepin’ heck! Usually I can predict what will happen in books based on the clues an author gives, but there were at least two giant plot twists that I never guessed. They completely surprised me and caught me off guard. At (what I believe) was the biggest twist towards the end of the story, I was so overwhelmed I put the book down mid-sentence and literally sent a snapchat to my friend where I screamed about the book.
THE CHARACTERS. Always my favorite part of a book. If the book is really good (for me, anyway), then it has in-depth characters that you can connect to, people that force you to become invested in their well-being.
Wil- There was so much growth as she began to figure out what being a queen really meant. It was interesting how the wraith boy was an extension of her and what she was feeling at the time. How she deals with him throughout the book really illustrates that personal growth she had to have. The love that she has for those she cares about is prevalent in all the choices that she makes, always trying to keep them safe. Wil is a complicated character with many sides, from regal queen to passionate vigilante to self-doubting leader and that is what makes her such a relatable person to empathize with.
Tobiah- I love how he had some personal growth too. Not only did Wil grow into the role of being a leader, but so did Tobiah. Neither of them was perfect, and their complicated relationship reflects them holistically as people.
James- This sweet guy. I really started to like him as he worked closely with Wil and supported her in her rise to leadership.
Wraith boy- A child baby who deserved better treatment from Wil.
The Ospreys- Lovely characters who provided Wil with the much needed support of friends.
Patrick- The best villains are the ones where you can see that little sliver of good in them, and this guy was it. He was fighting for a good cause, but using all the wrong methods to do it.
Prince Colin- A bleepy bleep dude who I hated, but still felt like a person, not just the embodiment of evil.
I really fell in love with these characters, and their complexity. I got very attached and went crazy when certain things happened to them. I even teared up at the end when a certain list (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) was written. I know that I’m reading a good book when I gasp and cry over the characters.
Overall comments. This is an awesome book! I loved watching Wil grow and make decisions, and I also loved watching the people around her as they too figured out their own roles. Full of surprises and action and magic (hehe, and a bit of swoon worthy romance too), it held my attention until the very end.
10/10 Would recommend to others!

So… Go and get reading!