Me me me meeee…

Hi there! Ariel here. If you want to know about me, you have found the right place! Here is just some general information about me, in case you were wondering.

Age: 18

Gender: female

Hobbies: reading, writing, listening to music and belting it out, drawing?, idk what else???

Family: mom, dad, sister, dog

Why I started this blog: I want to become a better writer. I know it’s not realistic to imagine that as soon as I write a book it will be magically published and read by everyone on the planet, so I’m hoping to become a book editor first. This is one of the steps toward that goal.

What books I read: Most of the books I read are YA (young adult), but I’m not very strict about what I do read. What I read all depends on my mood and what catches my attention at the time. Too often I have trouble choosing between options.

School activities: newspaper, creative writing, french club

Intended College Majors: English/Creative Writing and French

I wish I could: travel the world, become a famous writer, own an apartment in the heart of a city


3 thoughts on “Me me me meeee…

  1. oh wow! I’m so proud of you, Ariel! You were always one of my top students with a hunger for getting your hands on the latest books. I think this blog is a fantastic idea and I will be sure to follow your blog as you continue to update it. Hugs! Ms. Gonzalez

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